About Us

Ideal Real Estates Limited (IDEAL) is a dynamic Real Estates Management/Consultancy Company incorporated in June 1996 and commenced business in the same month.

We offer a highly professional renowned service to our clientele and pride ourselves on having rapidly grown to become one of the leading Real Estate Agencies in Ghana.

We have an extensive portfolio of properties and manage properties on behalf of major International Organisations and individual landlords.

In addition to its specialty in Residential Sales and Letting, the Company has long since been renowned for its extra management duties, which have evolved into renovations, landscaping and interior decoration for those (and increasingly most) of its clients for whom time spent executing and managing jobs and contracts is premium, and none can be spent (albeit wasted) on matters of real estate which can comfortably be sub-contracted to IRE.

We have carried out legal, architectural and other structural consultancies in our tenure, and will continue to ensure that the life of any client is made trouble-free from the traditional horrors associated with operating in a foreign or un-chartered territory. Our activities take us to all the regions, and to re-iterate, the needs of our clients are our driving force.

For all those with whom we do business and wish so to do for the long term, we say unequivocally, that “a single beam cannot support a great house”.

IRE will partner with you to establish a “great house”.