Other Services


In view of the ownership profile of the properties we transact in or encounter, the call for extensive and small-scale renovations has become extremely important. Our work ethic speaks for itself and for most of our older owners for whom a three to six month stint with all manner of workers during a renovation exercise is out of the question, we provide a complete service to ease the burden of renovating prior to letting or leasing. In effect, IRE maintains an intimate relationship with its tenant-client, its landlord-client as well as the property under transaction, leaving its fingerprint of timely delivery and pleasing aesthetics on the property to the satisfaction of all involved.


As a complement to the finished hardware’ – the property, the ‘software’ – interior design and décor provides a logical round-off to the property. IRE has competent and skilled teams of trained designers and decorators who provide the finishing touches that convert a house into a home, the office into a sanctuary where labour becomes a joy.

To compliment décor and design and in line with the desires and tastes of the client, we also employ the services of highly skilled producers of top quality furniture in wood, wrought iron or cane to populate each space with a crafted piece to complete the picture of quality and taste. We have also taken the trouble to seek collaborations with producers and importers of furniture, home appliances and other furnishings and have even gone to the sources of a lot of these in Italy, Sweden and China. No claim to quality is achieved without hard work and graft.


We provide domestic staff i.e. cooks, stewards, nannies, cleaners and gardeners.

We run a payroll/administration service for your domestic staff on your behalf.

We also liaise with a reputable International Security Firm for the provision of day and night security Guards, intruder alarms and other security devices.


This is an integral part of our business and serves to enable us to provide a full service, to all our clients. Our contacts register boasts thousands of entries made up of contacts in the estate agency industry, builders, architects, homeowners, land and assorted property owners, designers, artisans and many more. We are able to leverage our alliances at all times to good effect, in the bid to meet the peculiar needs of all our clients.

We network extensively, to save our clients the need for time-wasting enquiries and trips to check out this or that. Our consultancy service provision ensures IRE stays on top of the game and provides a healthy lifestyle for all its employees.


  • Management fee: Equivalent to 10% of the annual rent for the property to be managed. This fee is negotiable depending of the number of property to be managed.
  • Rental Fee: Equivalent of one month’s rent or 5% of rent advance of 2 years or more
  • Sales Fee: 5-10% of sale value
  • Home Help: 1 month of the staff salary